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Doesn’t playing flag football instead of tackle put kids at a disadvantage when they switch to tackle?

Actually, Yes.  Skills learned at the flag level DO NOT TRANSITION well to tackle football.  From our experience, players coming from flag programs must be taught how to play football correctly from square one.  As an example, most flag players do not know how to get in a proper football stance and most do not know the basics of blocking not to mention tackling.

Is playing tackle football safe?

Yes!  Tackle football is the safest it’s been with enhancements to equipment and advanced coaching techniques that promote player safety.  Our coaches are trained and certified with USA Footballs’ Head’s Up program. There is also a Player Safety Coach and Certified Athletic Trainers available at all games to insure player safety. The TCYFL also has an age and weight matrix that is adhered to so players play against others who are the same size.

Are BANA players at a disadvantage if they choose to play with BANA through 8th grade?

Actually, No.  We continually hear from parents that have made the switch from BANA to lesser competitive 7th and 8th grade tackle programs, they've noticed a drop in growth of skills being developed by players and coaching skill sets of those lesser competitive teams.  Coaches must spend more time with players that have less experience and skills in order to get them up to speed, this in turn creates a poor result.

Most recently, BANA alums made up 14 of 22 starters for one of the local freshman high school teams.  The BANA freshman kept up the winning tradition by posting an undefeated season.  Many of those freshman will be on the varsity team as sophomores.

How are teams put together?

We use an Age and Weight matrix to put teams together.  Matching up players by age and weight satisfies safety concerns for families concerned about playing against players that are more physically mature.

Who can play for  BANA?

Kids from Batavia, Aurora and North Aurora, as well as from other communities can become a Knight.

When are games played?

Games are played mostly on Sundays with a possibility of an occasional Saturday.

Where is the Knights’ home field?

We play our games in the football stadium and varsity practice fields at Marmion Academy on Butterfield Road in Aurora.

Where do the Knights practice?

We practice at Marmion Academy on Butterfield Road in Aurora.

Where are the Knights’ away games?

The BANA Knights is a travel football program so the games are played throughout the Chicagoland area.

In which league are the Knights affiliated?

We are part of The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) which is the largest youth football organization in the state of Illinois

How much does it cost?

Regular registration fee is $400 and can be done online.  

What does the registration cost include?

The cost includes a game jersey (which the player keeps at the end of the season), shoulder pads, helmet, practice and game pants.

Is carpooling available?

Yes, many of our families share rides.

How can parents get involved?

At our home games we run a concession stand and gladly take parent and sibling volunteers. It’s a great way to show support for our Knights!  There are also opportunities to be part of the “Chain Gang” and assist with down and yard markers, among other fun “jobs” on game day.

How many games do the Knights play?

The regular season has 9 games, however, depending on the outcome; there can be playoff games and possibly a championship game.

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